www.gispenlampen.nl and gispenlamps.com are connected to Webshop keurmerk who approved our webshops.

We ship all over the world in secured packaging.

All our shipments are secured and will always be replaced in case of any damage.

The shipping cost will be calculated based on your zip-code that you enter when you are starting the billing process in the shop. It is always based on a total of 10 kg shipments abroad. We will not charge you more when your order exceeds the 10 kg. For your info a number of shipping cost:

Belgium free
Germany free
Ireland € 30,-
Czech € 15,-
Finland € 26,-
Sweden € 25,-
Denmark € 26,-
United Kingdom € 15,-
France € 17,50
Spain € 26,-
Australia € 70,-
New zealand € 70,-
U.S.A. € 50,-
Canada € 45,-

Your payment has to be approved before shipping. We offer credit cards, paypal and apple pay for your payments.

If you have any questions you can call us at +31 15 2126243 or send us an email at winkel@artdeco.nl. Our business hours are tuesday to saturday from 1100-1700 hrs. Outside opening hours you can leave a message in our voicemail system. We always answer at latest the next working day after we receive your message. Don't hesitate to contact us!