Hanging lamps

Lamps in Art Deco style

But actually, these lamps are a beauty in every house. All our lamps are made of real glass and glass blown.

Bol opaal met strakke pendel

Deze bol is een klassieker met een strak armatuur. In onze webwinkel kunt u kiezen uit maten. Dit model bijvoorbeeld is te leveren in de maten met een diameter van 15 tot 50 cm.

Bol opal different sizes

A classic model lamp, the bol. You can choose for differnt sizes from 15 cm up to 50 cm.

Standard fixture glass 6 + Cono 200 opal

This combination of a standard fixture and glass Cono with a diameter of 20 cm is beautifully above every table and gives you nice light downwards.

Druppel small, medium of large

Menhir Opal

Standaard Pendel + bromtol

Standaard pendel plus trap small opaal

Eikel Opaal medium of large

Tulp opaal small

Cilinder grip 10

Cilinder grip 10, 14 cm, opaal

Cono 200, hoog, opaal

Tulp opaal medium

Sultan Classic tube

Trapkap small

Philips hanglamp schuifstang


Kleine punt opaal hanglamp

Fililite, opaal

Luxe schoollamp opaal twee maten

Bol driekwart met schuifstang

Trapcilinder Classic bus

Classic bol met glas opaal

Triptrap vaste pendel

Trapkap vaste pendel S/M/L/XL

Trapkap Getrapt met schuifstang S/M/L/XL

Trapkap Classic pendel S/M/L/XL

Trapkap Classic schuifstang

Trapkap medium

Tulp opaal large

Michelin hanglamp

Kleine Ribbel Opaal

Bol-g 2 maten met schuifstang

Luxe schoollamp medium met lichtvenster

Cilinder grip 10 lang

Cilinder grip 10, 24cm lang opaal

Bol ivoor classic schuifstang

Trapcilinder schuifstang

And what we need to say.....

If you can't find enough inspiration or the type you are looking for than have a look at one of our manufacturers website www.oldtimerlight.nl. If you find here what you are searching for, just let us know and we will add the lamp in our webshop, so you will be able to order it.