Privay statement

(last change 10-5-2018 for the GDPR law)


(last change 10-5-2018 for the GDPR law)

Art Deco Style & Light VOF, Breestraat 17, Delft (see contact page) respects de privacy of all site visitors and we will handle all your given order details as confidential. Your given details will only be used for handling of your orders. The details that we ask from you are name, address, telephonenumber, email address and the financial details to handle your order and to keep you informed about the status. 
If you place an order in our webshop we need your name, address and payment details to process your order. These details will be used by processing your payment through our secure payment provider Santu. Only if you choose to make an account these details will be stored for two years. Otherwise we will keep your details until your order has been processed. You can always request by email what details we have stored and in case you have a complaint you can let us know or make a case with the 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens'.

Dutch law with respect to cookie storage:
The only case we store a cookie on your computer is when choose to save favourits and 2. you decide to save your address information for a vitit next time.You will be noticed at the moment you want to decide for one of these actions. Beside this our website doesn't use any cookies at all.

Account information: Only in the case you decide to create an account at Art Deco Style & Light we store your information at a secure server (handling via  Your name, address, telephone number, email address and order information will be stored only in case you create an account.

Art Deco Style & Light doesn't distribute your information to third parties. 
Art Deco Style & Light will never sell or give any of your given information to third parties for any commercial use.